The Generosity Factor: Why Giving is Key to Receiving

Tammy Peterside
4 min readFeb 26, 2023
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The Generosity Factor: Discovering the joy of giving is a book authored by Ken Blanchard and S. Truett Cathy

Length; Short: <3hrs

Qualities: Easy-to-read: inspiring: practical

Recommendation; This book uses the life of 2 characters to shine a light on the effects of a life of giving. The lives of these characters cross paths to weave an interesting take on the benefits of giving. This book is for individuals looking for practical ways to give back and for business owners who are looking for ways to give back to the community as well.

Top take-aways

  • The things you can give generally fall under these 4 categories ; Time, treasure, talent, and touch
  • He — God owns it all. We are only stewards.
  • Back your words with actions.
  • There is a difference between success and significance. Choose significance.
  • Take inventory of your blessings — they are more than things.
  • A changed heart is most important, that can only be done by connection to the source — Jesus.

An inventory of ones life reveals that the resources available to us can be categorized by Time, treasure, Talent and touch.

Time: this can be the cheapest or most expensive resource at our disposal. The key is intentionality. Do you intentionally carve out time to visit a friend, help out an elderly neighbor or just have a conversation with a stranger. While some will argue that they do not have treasure or talent, we all have time. What we decide to do with that time is what makes the difference

Treasure; this is primarily of monetary value. Giving up of your treasure can show up in diverse ways. It is giving 10% or more of your earnings as a tithe or donating to a charity or cause made up of people who are able to put in the work for a particular cause. All of which is an overflow of the love that we have and the love that we have been shown by Jesus. While you can have more money than you can spend in a life time, it is important to hold on to such things loosely, in light of eternity.

“Remember, God owns it all, we are only stewards”



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